A Sustainable Transport Midlands project

Building a group with the goal of reconnecting Daventry
to a reliable rail link.

Daventry Rail Programme is a committee formed of major stakeholders, with the goal of coming up with the primary concept for reconnecting Daventry to the rail network.

This is a holding website

This is a temporary website, made to inform the public of major developments in the Daventry Rail Programme re-development process, including members on our committee, concept decisions, and meetings/consultations.

The plan for Daventry

We've decided to try again with our concept to reconnect Daventry. It was clear Daventry Parkway wasn't the way forward for the town, so we're leading on this committee, who will decide on one new concept for a Daventry rail connection, and two official alternative concepts.

The plan for us

This committee will have it's first meeting in late-February, and will complete it's scope by late-May. In between, it will decide a primary concept for reconnecting Daventry, working with the facts and results from public consultation. By late-2022, we'd like to totally relaunch Daventry Rail Programme with it's new three concepts.



Our goals

I have questions!

If you have further questions about Daventry Rail Programme, please get in touch with us via email on hello@transport-mids.com. Thanks!