Facilities and car parking

Daventry Parkway

Facilities and car parking

Learn more about facilities that will be supplied at Daventry Parkway, as well as what car parking will be like.

A blueprint

Daventry Parkway is in the very early stages of planning what the station could actually look and feel like for the end passenger, but we’ve got somewhere. What you are seeing above is the proposed Daventry Parkway. Things may look ridiculous, but it’s a first draft and not meant for things such as planning. It’s just so residents know the scale of this new station and how great it could make their village and their community.

Let’s first talk about car parking. As you can see, there will be only one layer of car parking, meaning no multi-storey, making the view out to the fields in the distance a lot clearer and natural.

In future, if required, another storey could be added, but only if vital to the station’s capacity. We estimate around 200-300 parking spaces can be fit at Daventry Parkway with no multi-storey, however, this may be reduced depending on the station building size.

Car parking

As you can see, there are two access roads. One for entry only, and one for exit only. We structure it like this so we don’t congest Weedon’s High Street with passengers from the Northampton and other village direction trying to access the station.

A separate “Bus access road” will also be introduced. The new bus interchange zone will merge many bus stops in the Lower Weedon area into one, so it’s easier to access more frequent bus services, and interchange from road to rail.

Access roads

On the above map, we have also introduced a:

- Merged taxi rank and drop off zone, accessible through the car park.
- A community café within the station building, ran by local residents (Daventry or Weedon Bec)
Toilets, ticket office, and six ticket machines for passengers’ convenience.

The station building will extend across the tracks to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for passengers, as well as making the station weather-proof!

Other facilities

The station will have lifts, unlike Long Buckby, which has awful accessibility. More info about this can be found on the dedicated "Accessibility and active travel" section. We will also ensure the station is as green as possible, by reducing the amount of trees removed to build the station. We will also grow new trees to make the new parkway station as environmentally friendly and natural as possible.

Accessibility and Environment

We are currently working on a separate proposal regarding Daventry itself, which will involve restoring the Platform 3 at Daventry Parkway, to provide a direct rail link to the town via a shuttle. More info will be released about this shortly, and more info can also be found on the "Shuttle" section of this website.

Platform 3?